SR 520, I-5 to Medina: Bridge Replacement and HOV Project

August 4 2011
Click HERE to read the WSDOT newsletter with information on:
Federal environmental approval received for I-5 to Medina project
Public involvement opportunity: Urban design of SR 520 in Seattle
A busy month ahead for Eastside construction
SR 520 and I-90 closures this weekend
SR 520 pontoon construction update
May 31 2011
Montlake Community Club has signed the WSDOT final programmatic agreement. Following  the advice of our attorney, we have sent the document with a cover letter stating our concerns and recommendations as a
condition of approval. You can read this cover letter HERE.  The full programmatic agreement were posted here on May 6, 2011. (See below).  Signing the document allows us to continue as a consulting party with WSDOT.
WSDOT will be issuing the final Environment Impact Statement for State approval in late June. This statement and the Historic Section 106 Programmatic Agreement, if approved by the State, will conclude the review process as part of Record of Decision.
In reviewing the EIS there are major concerns, expressed by the City of Seattle Dept. of Transportation as well as the affected communities, including Montlake, of the transportation analysis in terms of the volume of traffic and it’s impact. The analysis is very inaccurate in terms of projected volumes and the peak periods of the day when congestion will occur.  Our community must take action working with our other affected communities and the City of Seattle to resolve this issue.
The Montlake Board of Directors will be adressing these issues and will develop a plan of action.  All inputs are welcome;  please send your comments and recommendations to or .
Click on the links to view the latest updates to the Programmatic Agreement:
The MCC Board unaminously passed a motion to sign the document to be returned to WSDOT on May 20th.  Attached will be a cover letter stating our concerns and recommendations as a condition of approval.  If this document were not signed MCC could no longer be a consultant party with WSDOT.
Letter to Jon Decker May 5, 2011
110502_Final_Section106PA_redlines (Shows the changes to the April 21 document)
110502_Final_106PA_Appendices_Combined  (Contains some blank pages)
April 21 2011
Below is the final programmatic agreement, together with attached documents, received today from Randy Everett for our review and approval. Our signed copy is scheduled for return on May 20th.
We have been advised by our attorney, Melody McCutcheon, to return the document with a cover letter stating our concerns and recommendations as a condition of approval.
Please review the document and return to me your comments.
Thanks everyone for all of your effort and contributions to this process.
Click on the links to view:
Letter to MCC from US Dept of Transportation
110420_Final_PA_Appendices_AllCombined (Note: Contains some blank pages)
April 8  2011
To the Board and members of the community who have contributed so much in the process, the letter is to you.
Thanks again,

Jon Decker
From: []
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 3:32 PM
Subject: Comments on PA
Hi Jon:
I wanted to personally thank you for your thoughtful comments on the latest version of the SR 520 Programmatic Agreement.  In particular, the WSDOT Team and I appreciated your efforts in developing the 20 suggested measures associated with Page 18, Line 30 of the document.  I wanted to let you know that, although these measures will not be inserted directly in the PA itself, we thought you proposed some excellent ideas, and they will be considered in detail as we continue to develop CCMP stipulations in the near future.  Many of your ideas within the list are exactly what we are looking for from the communities as we develop the CCMP.  Thank you again.
Randy Everett
Seattle Major Projects Oversight Manager
Federal Highway Administration
April 4  2011 – MCC and Neighborhood response to latest WSDOT Programmatic Agreement
Click HERE to view the MCC Response
Click HERE to view The Neighborhood Response, Attachment A to the above.
The following is an outline summary of the Section 106 process items, organized on a chronological basis, with the goal of setting a schedule in terms of the decisions necessary to resolve any potential conflicts with WSDOT related to the protection of our neighborhood from the 520 Project, under the terms and conditions of the federal and state regulations.
1. Meet and review the “Final version of the PA” once received – 4/18
2. Determine if the PA should be signed by MCC as a Consulting Party – 5/12
3. Return the PA to WSDOT – 5/18
4. Confirm that all required signatories have approved the PA document – 6/1
5. Consider other measures including legal action to resolve aspects of the PA that are not acceptable to the Board and or the Community – 6/15
March 19 2011 – WSDOT Draft 2 of the Programmatic Agreement
Jon Decker will prepare a response to WSDOT which is due April 4th.  All comments are welcome and should be sent to by March 30th.
There will be a review meeting at the WSDOT offices on March 22nd.  All are welcome – contact Jon Decker for information
Click HERE to read the document
March 17 2011 – Latest WSDOT Newsletter – Click HERE to view
March 7 2011 – Geotechnical Work along 520 corridor thru fall 2011.
WSDOT is drilling to test soil conditions, sometimes at night.
Variance permits are being applied for if noise will exceed Seattle city ordinances.
Click HERE to view the WSDOT flyer.
February 18, 2011 – WSDOT Flyer.  Click HERE to view
Sign up and get ten bucks in free SR 520 Bridge tolls
Pontoon project breaks ground, construction begins in Aberdeen!
Closures and congestion this weekend on SR 520 in Redmond
Coming to a Seattle neighborhood near you: SR 520 drop-in information sessions continue
February 10, 2011 – MCC Response to WSDOT first draft of the Programmatic Agreement: Click below to read:
MCC PA Response 2-10-11
MCC Neighborhood Response 2-10-11
HCMP Attachment B 2-10-11
Attachment C – PA Draft – 2-10-11
SR 520 Program – Library – Fact Sheets and FoliosSR 520 – latest updates, click below to view:
Enhancing safety and reliabilty on SR 520 January 2011 (pdf 2.6 mb)
SR 520 haul route information for Seattle construction January 2011 (pdf 1.28 mb)
Building pontoons for a stronger, safer SR 520 bridge January 2011 (pdf 2 mb)
Improved bicycle and pedestrian connections throughout the SR 520 corridor January 2011 (pdf 515 kb)
Building a new, safer floating bridge December 2010 (pdf 1.6 mb)
Final Environmental Impact Statement Fact Sheet December 2010 (pdf 210 kb)
Transit on the new SR 520: More options and reliability December 2010 (pdf 907 kb)
Safer, more reliable floating bridge and roadway November 2010 (pdf 1.7 mb)
Safety and reliability improvements on the Eastside November 2010 (pdf 3.0 mb)
WSDOT hires Kiewit-General for Pontoon Construction Project April 2010 (pdf 624 kb)
Opportunities in pontoon construction March 2010 (pdf 628 kb)
Innovative pontoon construction testing begins in 2009 March 2010 (pdf 628 kb)
Making environmentally sound decisions December 2009 (pdf 216 kb)
December 2009 (pdf 216 kb)Programmatic Agreement first draft 1-10-11 – Comments due Feb 10, 2011
Montlake will be represented at the next consulting parties meeting on Tuesday Jan 25th.  If you have questions or would like to have an issue raised at this meeting contact Jon Decker at
Read the letter to consulting parties HERE.  Read the document HERE.
Plan ahead: Nighttime 520 bridge closures begin Monday January 10th
If you use the SR 520 floating bridge at night, plan ahead for major closures and detours for the next five weeks. WSDOT crews will start by closing all eastbound lanes of SR 520 nightly Jan. 10 through 14 between 92nd Avenue NE and Montlake Boulevard. The closures are scheduled from 11:59 p.m. to 4 a.m. each night. During the closures crews will install equipment for a toll collection system above the lanes in preparation for tolling on the SR 520 bridge beginning this spring.
The work requires more complete closures in coming weeks, and crews will alternate closing either all of the eastbound or westbound lanes of the floating bridge as needed to install tolling equipment. Drivers are encouraged to take alternate routes across or around the lake via I-90, SR 522, I-405 and I-5. The latest construction schedule is online.
ESSB 6392 Workgroup Final Reports – Dec 22, 2010
High Capacity Transit Planning and Financial Findings  and Recomendations
Washington Park Arboretum Mitigation Plan
Send your comments to WSDOT:


UPDATE November 25, 2010: Cultural Resourse Assessment and Discipline Report
Montlake Community Consulting Party Submittal
Montlake has been given 6 seats at the Section 106 meetings with WSDOT and will be represented by neighbors from five areas of Montlake.  If after reading the committee’s combined response, you have something to add please contact through email the correct representative. If you are unsure whom you should contact, please email Jon Decker.
Jon Decker, Chair,
Dick Dunn, Shelby Hamlin both east and west of 24th.
Lester Gray, The area west of 24th that includes Boyer, 19th and Lynn
Theo Angelis, Saint Demetrius Church
Anita Bowers,,Montlake Business District,  Montlake School  and 24th Avenue/Montlake Blvd.
East Lake Washington area and the North Ave. ramps,  (not determined at this time).
Of particular interest is Chapter 7 of the WSDOT document published in October 2010 with details, drawings, and before and after photo depictions.  There are also details about the staging areas, haul routes through Montlake and road diversions.  A blow-up map of the haul routes is also available.
Also of interest are the Montlake Community Club Assessment of Adverse Effects and other responses to the WSDOT documents.
Click on any file to open it; you may save the file to your computer.
NOTE: You need Adobe Reader to access these files, some of which are large and may take a while to download – be patient!
Draft Cultural Resources Assessment and Discipline Report – October 2010
This is Chapter 7 of the full 3996 page report detailing how the project affects Montlake with details, drawings, and before and after photo depictions.  There are also details about the staging areas, haul routes through Montlake and road diversions.  A blow-up map of the haul routes is also available
Montlake Haul Routes
This is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of the above document showing the haul routes in more detail.
Montlake Community CRDR Review – August 16, 2010
This is a review, prepared by the Montlake Community Club, of the Cultural Resource Draft report of September 2009 and subsequent meetings in October 2009.
Response to the Supplemental Draft Impact Statement – April 15, 2010
This is the Montlake Community Club response to WSDOT SDEIS of January 2010.
This Section contains links to other relevant sites and documents
WSDOT Website – Updated November 2010
Why WSDOT is not considering the tunnel as an alternative to the bridge – posted November 18, 2010:
Range of Alternatives Discipline Report pages 19-21.
SDEIS, Chapter. 1.8, pages 1-22


The CRDR report response is scheduled to be delivered to the Washintton State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) on November 29th, 2010.  The report response is a result of the MCC 520 Committee meeting on November 4th to develop the response based on the National Historic Preservation Act, Section 106 and the National Transportation Act, both enforced by the federal government.
The next meeting will be with WSDOT on December 8th to review our response and discuss mitigation for the adverse effects based on the above historic and transportation laws.

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